5N0754 Psychology

An elective module of the Healthcare Support Certificate and a mandatory module of Applied Social Studies Certificate. This module links an introductory understanding of psychological perspectives with practical therapeutic applications and the development of psychology as a discipline.

Learning Outcomes

• Explain the main features, characteristics, core principles and concepts of two of the major psychological perspectives

• Identify the main therapies, interventions, practical and ethical boundaries of each psychological perspective within care and other settings

• Explain how each perspective contributes to an understanding of individual and group behaviour

• Gain an understanding of the research methods and ethical issues involved in the study of psychology

• Apply theory and research to work practice with due regards for ethics

• Examine the nature of attitudes and beliefs#

• Apply skills/knowledge to typical work-based problems.


• Examination Theory 40%

• Assignment 60%


Successful completion of this component award enables the learner to transfer to programmes leading to other certificates where this component is an elective requirement