5N1770 Early Care and Education Practice

This module is a mandatory module of the Early Childhood care and Education major award and may be used as an elective module of the healthcare support certificate. It is designed to enable the learner to work under direction with children, their families and colleagues within early childhood care and education settings (ECCE).

Learning Outcomes

1. Explain the historical development of the ECCE sector in Ireland

2. Outline relevant legislation, policies, practices and procedures pertaining to ECCE provision

3. Explain the importance of self awareness and effective interpersonal skills in an ECCE setting

4. Explain the rights of the child in the context of an ECCE setting

5. Communicate effectively with children, families and colleagues

6. Implement practices and activities to promote equality and value diversity in an ECCE setting

7. Implement administration and operational procedures in an ECCE setting to include daily logs, routines and record keeping

8. Participate effectively in team work in an ECCE setting

9. Implement care and education routines with children in the ECCE setting

10. Maintain a quality ECCE environment that complies with relevant regulations and standards

11. Reflect on personal strengths and weaknesses when working with children, families and team members.


• Assignment 30%
• Assignment 30%
• Learner Record 40%


Successful completion of this component award enables the learner to transfer to programmes leading to other certificates where this component is an elective requirement