5N2668 Exercise and Fitness

This module may be used as an elective module of any of the major awards and is designed to describe a variety of forms of physical exercise, to enable the learner to design, implement and evaluate exercise and fitness programmes in a variety of contexts in line with best practice.

Learning Outcomes

• Examine the anatomy and physiology of the systems of the body relevant to fitness and exercise

• Evaluate the health implications of lifestyle habits and exercise as it applies to the general population

• Explore an instructor’s duty of care to clients when in an exercise class or in accident and emergency situations
• Identify the components of sport and health related fitness activities
• Explore current and developing trends in exercise and fitness
• Demonstrate a range skills involved in exercise to include; exercise to music, circuit training, flexibility, body conditioning and resistance training as well as some adaptations and progressions
• Assess, record and track fitness indicators
• Carry out a selection of field tests to evaluate personal fitness
• Prepare basic exercise and fitness programmes for the general population based on the underlying theories of exercise to music, circuits, flexibility and resistance training

• Apply the principles of training to health related fitness
• Demonstrate good personal technique and the ability to lead a basic exercise and fitness session in different forms of exercise, to include, exercise to music, circuit training, flexibility, body conditioning and resistance training.


• Skills Demonstration 50%
• Examination – Theory 30%
• Assignment 20%


Successful completion of this component award enables the learner to transfer to programmes leading to other certificates where this component is an elective requirement