Why Choose Us?

Who We Are

IONA COLLEGE was established in 2004 in Kells, Co. Meath, Ireland to provide educational opportunities to care staff in the Healthcare area. Over the years, thanks to our dedicated staff and enthusiastic students, we have expanded our courses to cover many other disciplines, including Childcare, Social Care, Beauty and Management. IONA COLLEGE courses are certified by leading national and international accreditation bodies including: QQI, ITEC, IITD, OFAAA. IHF, AHA,PHECC.

Our Philosophy

At IONA COLLEGE every course and every tutor has one single focus – the success of the individual learner. No two learners are the same and it is recognising the individual strengths and needs of each learner that gives IONA COLLEGE its unique character. Iona College facilitates small classes less than 16 learners to ensure a better learner experience. As trainers we feel that the attention provided to each individual learner is commensurate with the satisfaction level post course evaluation and this ensures that learners get the most from the learning experience and pass on this positive reflection to others which will drive the business forward.

Our Global Family

At Iona College, we deal everyday with learners with complex issues including mild intellectual disabilities e.g. dyslexia and dyspraxia to learners with social issues and learners who have English as a second language. To assure all of our learners that we value each of them equally we have a map at the entrance to our classrooms entitled “Our Global Family” and each learner is invited to identify where they come from so that we can eventually connect all of the learners to show that no matter where a learner has come from psychologically, emotionally, geographically or socially that there is a place called home for them in Iona College.

Just ASK!

Our Just ASK motto is based on the three essential elements of success – ATTITUDE – SKILLS – KNOWLEDGE. To be successful in your career you need the necessary KNOWLEDGE of the work, the SKILLS to carry out the tasks and a positive ATTITUDE. At IONA COLLEGE: – we enhance and build on each students KNOWLEDGE; – we improve each students SKILLS; – and we help each student to develop a positive ATTITUDE. The motto also captures the openness of all our staff to work with each individual student. So whether you are pursuing a career in healthcare, childcare, beauty, or management – Just ASK!